A year in Photo review!


Hung out with mom and her growing belly.

Did a lot of baking!

Took a few swimming lessons!

Started converting the Office into a Nursery! Boy did we miss our desk!


Rubbed my baby bump with lotion one last time!

And traded her in for a brand new Fuzzy Chicken haired baby!


Kissed my 20's goodbye!

Was treated like a Princess!

Took a nap in a drawer.

Took our first family trip to Zions and Bryce Canyon! Apparently 5 week olds are excellent hikers!


Sewed a little Dress...
Had a little Blessing!


Had our first taste of Fun Dip and boy was it FUN!!! Thanks sisters!

Meet Cousin Kyler for the first time!
Got in touch with our Silly Sides!

Fell in love with Midway Utah and each other!

Got Photo ready!
Said goodbye to loved Cousin and got caught up with family in Idaho!

Send our first born off to the Wolves! First day of school went off without a hitch! NO tears shed at all!


Celebrated some big birthdays! Turning 6 and 4 called for a huge celebration in the back yard! Have I mentioned how much I love having a huge yard!
We feel even deeper in love with these big blue eyes!

Drives through the canyon with the windows rolled down!

Hot dates that included Mike, Becca and a Band called "The Killers!"
Took the plunge and crossed over into the Dark Side! Goodbye Blondie! Hello Brunette!

Paraded two Princess around the Neighborhood!


Over ate and fell asleep!

Had some much needed sister time! MUCH NEEDED!

Cuddled Purple grandma for the first time!

Took a little 10 hour trip to Sacramento to be with Chris as he married his Megan!!! Took like a million family shots and still didn't get a good one! Oh well!

Enjoyed Little Bugs first Christmas!

Happy 2010 everyone! Thanks Boo for the photo journey idea!


Nettie! said...

Love it!!!

donna said...

great pictures!

Julie said...

Loved looking through your year. Miss you.

AnieCooper said...

very cute :) miss and love you guys!

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

What an amzing year! Can't believe I am just now discovering that you have a family blog! I have been missing out fo-sho!