Charlie Bug version 8.5

Check out our little love affair! She's all kinds of wonderful and it's easy to see why she's stolen our hearts! Charlie is 9 months old on the 22nd! Can you believe that!?! It's C-C-C-razy!!!

She pretty much rocks and don't tell the others but she may in fact being our favorite Child! J/K!!! But it's easy to love her...she hasn't been naughty yet!

So I better document a few of her mile stones! We all know I haven't been the best blogger of late!

  • First tooth at 7 months
  • Started army crawling at 7 months! One arm and one leg action with stealth like speed!
  • Started Crawling at 8 month! One month sooner then her sisters! ( Bragging rights for her in the future!)
  • We lowered her crib to the lowest setting and thank goodness we did! Less then a week later she greeted us standing up smiling and laughing at her accomplishments!
  • She cruses around beds and couches and the coffee table.
  • And she rocks out when Mike Chants "Charlie! Charlie! Charlie!..." Seriously too cool!
And just added to the list... She had her first Piece of Licorice tonight!

She took her first trip to Disneyland thanks to Grandpa Tom and Kathy!

She's a chill buddy to cousin Dane who is more chill then any babe we know!!! Lucky Boopers!!!

And she got to kick it with Cousin Kyler! What a stud!

And had her first get together with her girlfriend Sophi!

We love our Char Char!


Jillyboo said...

O' she is soooo cute and fun. I wish we could play with her. I think that she and Olivia could pound a few sweets together.

Morph This said...

how do i look so incredibly fat in that picture?

donna said...

Charlie is so cute!

AnieCooper said...

CUte post :) I need to do one for Soph! Love the pic you put of Charlie and Soph :)

Miss you guys!!

tara said...

she is ADORABLE becc. but with you and MR. D for parents i'd expect nothing less.

tara said...

hmmm. that sounded a wee bit like I was hitting on mike...but I wasn't.

I promise:)

Reena said...

I loved all the pictures! Thanks for sharing them. I do have THE cutest Grandbabies ever!! Love you all. MOM