Char Char turns 1!

Little Miss is a big girl! Charlie turned one Last Month and we had a small little get together to celebrate!
I made this fun outfit for her! The hats my favorite!

Man we love this nugget!

She is her own little person that's for sure! She is snuggly and silly and totally sentimental! She is a lover of stuffed animals and can't go to be unless she's holding about 5 oh her favorites! She loves my blanket and her daddy! She is a keeper! WE love you bug!


Studio 5

Yay!!! I was invited to be on Studio 5, a local hour long show here in Salt Lake! I was super excited and had a real great time with the staff and hosts! More appearances to come down the road!

And who knew Target had such great cloths! I haven't shopped in my "department" at Target in ages! LOVE IT!!!! Even if Mike hates the gray sweater thing I have on I dig it! He's vowed to not be scean with me in public in it! Is it really that bad? What am I thinking! Do I really need to take fashion ques from Mike D.? Yeah....that's what I thought!


Popples, Possing and Prophets

Ok... My family rocks! They pretty much make my heart sing all the time! ok...most of the time!

This has been a wonderful weekend! Wonderful I tell ya!

Care if I share?

Saturday night we headed to a Jazz game! The 5 of us and uncle Chris and Aunt Megan out to enjoy a game in the Wells Fargo box! We arrived early and braved the bitter cold at The Gateway.

Here's reason #1 why I love my family!

Baby Char Char seriously became my childhood Popple toy!

Notice any resemblance?

Please oh please tell me you remember Popples! They were down right awesome! I think I had a purple one!

Chuck was so stinkin adorable all wrapped up and ball like! She loved being toted around snug as a bug!

#2 reason why I loved my fam so much this weekend:

How awesome is Cricket!!!! Sportin' the Nerd glasses at Urban Outfitters! I love this kid! She was killin me possing and trying on endless hats and accessories!

Here I am trying to get in on the nerd action!

And the #3 reason I HEART my family:

They totally still love me even after I pimped my kids and made them talk to the Prophet!!!!! President Monson and his wife and friends were in the box next to us! I got a little star struck once again but this time I totally used the kids as a front and talked to him! Of course it was a big deal for them too but I was a little more into then they were! I made them wave throughout the game! Sad I know! Totally crossed the line but it's a moment they won't soon forget! Pretty awesome to see the Prophet in person and have him talk to you!

And by the way folks! Pres. Monson and crew were all drinking Diet Coke! If ever a question still lingered in your mind , put it to rest people!


A year in Photo review!


Hung out with mom and her growing belly.

Did a lot of baking!

Took a few swimming lessons!

Started converting the Office into a Nursery! Boy did we miss our desk!


Rubbed my baby bump with lotion one last time!

And traded her in for a brand new Fuzzy Chicken haired baby!


Kissed my 20's goodbye!

Was treated like a Princess!

Took a nap in a drawer.

Took our first family trip to Zions and Bryce Canyon! Apparently 5 week olds are excellent hikers!


Sewed a little Dress...
Had a little Blessing!


Had our first taste of Fun Dip and boy was it FUN!!! Thanks sisters!

Meet Cousin Kyler for the first time!
Got in touch with our Silly Sides!

Fell in love with Midway Utah and each other!

Got Photo ready!
Said goodbye to loved Cousin and got caught up with family in Idaho!

Send our first born off to the Wolves! First day of school went off without a hitch! NO tears shed at all!


Celebrated some big birthdays! Turning 6 and 4 called for a huge celebration in the back yard! Have I mentioned how much I love having a huge yard!
We feel even deeper in love with these big blue eyes!

Drives through the canyon with the windows rolled down!

Hot dates that included Mike, Becca and a Band called "The Killers!"
Took the plunge and crossed over into the Dark Side! Goodbye Blondie! Hello Brunette!

Paraded two Princess around the Neighborhood!


Over ate and fell asleep!

Had some much needed sister time! MUCH NEEDED!

Cuddled Purple grandma for the first time!

Took a little 10 hour trip to Sacramento to be with Chris as he married his Megan!!! Took like a million family shots and still didn't get a good one! Oh well!

Enjoyed Little Bugs first Christmas!

Happy 2010 everyone! Thanks Boo for the photo journey idea!