Baby Kyler a.ka. Love Nugget!

We meet baby Kyler for the first time yesterday! I've been anxiously waiting to sink my teeth into that kid.

Kyler and Charlie are 4 day apart. Too precious!Sadly Charlie Bug wasn't on her A game and made a horrible first impression. In her defense it was her nap time and she was craving the juice! Kyler was too cute with his sympathy cries! His lower sad lip was too much!!! I HEART that kid!!!!!

We are looking forward to more Kyler time this Sunday when we head out to his Blessing!!!! More pics to come!


AnieCooper said...

So are you in town?

Morph This said...

the only thing missing is dane.. he is mad about it too. please stop posting pictures of family stuff that i am not at. makes me want to cry.