I can't help myself!

Is this not the funniest picture of Blue or what!!! She is going to die when she see this picture when she's older!!!!

And here's Cricket telling us all about the "Snuggie!" She's a sucker for a good infomercial just like her dad!!!

I love sifting through my old photos and finding gems like these!


tara said...

oh dude. that picture of blue has me TOTALLY smiling to myself:)

hold up a minute cricket!!! the snuggie comes in DOUBLE? and it's for kids AND adults?

snuggie only has ONE acceptable definition...and it means WEDGIE...not some lame A freak of nature blanket.

Andrea said...

Ha, that pic of blue is too much! Love the chins. Seriously, Mace is too much, "You can get up and get someping, or someping..." Ha, your kids are too cute!

Stephanie said...

her face was the first thing i saw when i opened this page! oh my goodness! that is going to be some good blackmail for a sibling to use if they get a hold of it!

and look how light her hair looks too!

Megan Hartshorn said...

oh my gosh- that pic of Blue is entirely hilarious!!!!! haha, still laughing! love it! she is just great!