Dude that's a huge tire!

This weekend we got a lot done around the house. Mike just finished his first year of his MBA program!!!(yeah Mike and me!!!! Every other weekend apart is no joke!) WE have a laundry list of things we need to get done over the next month while he has a small break.

We sanded down our table and it's ready to stain tonight! Mike had to work on the sprinklers and we of course cruised the aisles of Home Depot collecting paint samples and other odds and ends! Slowly we'll get the list checked off.

Taking a break from all the work we found ourselves at the Copper mines along with all the other tour bus, camera toting, tourists....who knew this was such a hot spot! Anywho... Cricket loved it! She was all into the dioramas and displays! Check out the size of these tires!
So we checked that off our "Want to do in Utah" list! If you got an hour to spare go check it out!


Josh and Tiff said...

Fun! I've never been out there and we live so close! We'll have to check it out sometime. Also, Macy looks JUST like me in those pictures when I was her age. I'll have to show you them in my baby book. Crazy!

tara said...

that's on our list too. glad to know it's worth the trip.

Stephanie said...

dude, that is a big tire.