I was thinking the other day "I wonder what my kids will remember about me?" What impressions am I leaving on them at this point in their lives? Am I leaving a good one? Will the good out weight the bad!? It made me do a little inventory and want to try even harder to make their childhood full of positive memories of time with mom!

I want them to remember....

  • that I sang to them at night and taught them my Girls Camp songs.
  • that reading was important in our home and we often read chapter books together and I didn't skip pages.
  • that I baked home made bread.
  • that if I was mean or short with them that I always apologized.
  • that I loved and adored their father, that I would even be found kissing him in the middle of the afternoon in the kitchen.
  • that it was ok to say things were too expensive.
  • baking with me in the kitchen and sharing what we baked with others.
  • that I give the best back tickles!
  • that even though I didn't think they needed a band aid, I still let them have one just because it made them feel better!
  • that dinner time was super important to me! Home made meals, manners and saying thank you were required!
  • that I sewed cloths for them.
  • that I was frugal!
  • that I made them their birthday cakes and each one was special.
  • that making things from scratch could be more fun!
  • that I would often be found singing throughout the house as loud as I could.
Hopefully these memories will over shadow my faults. If anything this has made me want to create even more positive things my kids can one day look back on and smile about!


Andrea said...

Knowing you, they will remember all of these wonderful things and more! You are a great mom :)

Stephanie said...

you are the best mom! seriously, they will love you forever!

tara said...

dang it all. that melted me a bit today. i needed it so that my sick and ORNERY 2 yr old will make it to lunch time alive. i hope SHE REMEMBERS i let her live (and whine) another day.

Scimber said...

You DO give the best soft tickles, I can confirm that one!

Brittany said...

Hey, scratch the blog address request, found your blog. :)

I just wanted to know that this post left a big-time impression on me when I read it a few days ago. It's something I'd been thinking about anyways but to see it as you wrote it really helped it to sink in. My children thank you...or will someday. I hope. ;)