My attempts to be a cool mom in photos

Ashley Tisdale, from High School Musicals, was coming to our local Walmart for a little meet and greet! Cricket heard about it on the radio and begged me to take her! How could I miss my first chance to be a real cool mom and take her so off we went!!!

Once we got there it was pretty clear that we'd be standing in line for 4 hours and when you have a baby, a kid like Blue and very little patients when surrounded by teeny boppers, disappointment is just around the corner!

As we walked around the store trying to find the end of the line we noticed that security and kids were waiting near a back door!This must be where she was going to enter! So we parked our cart and waited!

Here we are waiting!!!The excitement growing!!!

Cricket was to cute chanting along with the crowd "Ashley!Ashley!"

Just when she was suppose to walk right by us her security sneaks her past that door, down a back hall and she emerges 100 yards away through a door surrounded by no one!! We were ticked!

Here are my sad attempts of capturing her picture for Cricket. You should have seen me... I was draped over a wall of fabric bolts and peeking through a rack of womens cloths!

The look of defeat. The girls were crushed when we had to leave after 2 hours empty handed! Cricket wouldn't even show her face! She cried the entire way home!

Have no fear... I tried my best to cheer her up and it came in the form of friends and ice cream!


Josh and Tiff said...

ahhhh, that's so cute! sad that they didn't get to meet her, but a fun story nonetheless. too bad i couldn't be there, i would've been there with you and one of us could have pushed our way around to get the pic. kind of like the way we got all that hello kitty stuff. haha.

Amber H. said...

Oh my gosh, that would have been heartbreaking! Especially when you realized there was no way you would get to see her, poor kid! But it still says something that you tried! And I could totally picture you trying to get that picture of Ashley! Too funny! IT looks like they recovered well...nothing like ice cream to cheer up a sad child!

Angie said...

Thanks sooo much for taking my girls to get icecream. They had a blast!! I'm a little embarassed about the throw-up talk though. :) Funny girls!

Stephanie said...

poor macy! that is too funny!

Jill said...

dude I had no idea she was coming. Jessie would have LOVED it! good try!