4th of July Weekend!

What a great weekend! We went to a local carnival and the funnel cakes did not disappoint! Mike's brother Chris and his girlfriend Megan came for a little piro action!!! Good times!



We also got to meet My brothers baby for the first time and attend his Baby blessing! It was so great to see them and that kid is too adorable!!! It was love at first site! We went out to Vanjo's family home in Fielding and meet her amazing family for a great afternoon!


And then on Monday we enjoyed the last day with my Dad and Kathy in town and threw ourselves at the mercy of Mt. Timpanogos! Quite the hike!!!! Unless you love to hike or love feeling claustrophobic inside a cave, I wouldn't recommend dragging kids and guests up there!!! Still a great adventure!!!!


Morph This said...

stop it right now.. i am sick at the fact that i was not there. these pictures make it worse. seriously. jealous.

Andrea said...

How fun! Love the pics.

Annette said...

Love all the pictures! Looks like a great time!! Love seeing your parents - I remember meeting them and they were both very nice!! And of course so was your bro!

I remember hiking Mt. Timpanogos with Jamie and Crystal back in the day - beautiful!

Stephanie said...

i am stilll aughing at your stories from the phone call- too funny!
And now charlie looks like macy to me again... that girl is ever changing. i need to meet her in person already!

Bryn said...

I love that family pic of you hiking. Can you believe I lived in UT all those years and we never hiked Mt. Timp? What is wrong with me? Be grateful you did it!!

Lindsay K. said...

Hey Becca, your little family is so cute! How is 3 for you? We need to get together again sometime soon.

The pics were in an orchard that are right by Seven Peaks water park.