Time to get creative!!! APRIL Challenge!

For the month of April I'm issuing myself and anyone else a challenge! Each week day this month I'm going to stretch my creativity and do something new! This doesn't mean I'll be crafting every day! It may be a new fun game with the girls, a creative meal or a project. It's an excuse to motivate myself and make memories! I'll be sharing my adventures here and would love to hear what others are doing to stir up their creative juices!

So join in the fun and start thinking! Here are a few ideas to get us all motivated!

  • indoor picnic
  • photo shop picture editing
  • redecorate/rearrange a room
  • paint a picture
  • journal for yourself and kids
  • try a new recipe
  • create a schedule
  • redesign your blog
  • knit a hat
  • create a slide show
  • have a photo session with the family
  • send a note on home made cards
  • sew
  • refinish a piece of furniture
  • make a home made treat
  • make your own "Nanerpus" video. He he!
Can't wait to get started!

DAY 1: Magic Wands

What little girl doesn't love playing dress up! We have a house full of Princesses and Fairy's so Magic Wands it was to kick of this month of creativity!

Here's what you need:
wood dowel, saw, ribbon, scrapbook paper, clear packing tape, sand paper, tac, glue, gem.

Cut dowel to 12" and sand ends. using clear packing tape the length of the dowel, add a strip of tape to both sides of cut scrapbook paper. Roll tightly the taped paper onto the dowel and trim any excess tape or paper. Now you have a "laminated" dowel. Cut about 6 ribbon strips about 18"-20" long. Dab a small amount of glue, I used E6000, on tip of dowel and start to layer on ribbon, criss crossing and staggering and adding a tiny amount of glue as you layer. Push a flat tac into the dowel to secure all the ribbon in place. Add a gem with glue to the top of the tac and the very bottom of the wand to add detail!!! And POOF!!! You have yourself a Magic Fairy Wand and happy little girls!


Stephanie said...

Sweet! I am in! I will document my "creativeness" on my blog!

Brittany said...

Count me in, too! I need something to motivate me to get those "fun" things done on my list. I'll be posting it on my blog, too!

tara said...

ummm..excuse me...but didn't you JUST shoot out a newborn, like, what, 10 minutes ago?

i suck.

i make you no promises, but i WILL think about some sort of creative endeavor this month.

Meredith said...

Didn't you JUST have a baby. Shouldn't you just be sitting and milking it for all its worth? you are too amazing for words, I strive to be just like you!!