Grandma time

Grandma Reena was up to meet Baby Charlie and help me out over the weekend! It was heaven having her here. Cricket was a little under the weather so she was happy to have the extra attention! I was happy to get a good nap in! The girls always love it when she comes to visit!They painted and watched a movie and just loved it!Thanks again mom for the day! I'm so grateful you were able to love up on all my girls and take care of me like that!

Charlie makes Grandma Reena's grand kid count:

girls: 4
boys: 1 soon to be 2!!!!


AnieCooper said...

Such cute pics :) your mom looks great :)

Stephanie said...

your mom looks great! isnt it nice when moms can help out with a new baby around! i dont know what i would do without my mom sometimes!

Andrea said...

Nothing better than having mom come and help:)

Lisa said...

Congrats on your new baby Charlotte! I love the names you have for her. So many options. She is beautiful, of course.