A fix all

There is defiantly an adjustment period we are all living through over here! More melt downs and tantrums and a little needy all around! Blue has been a challenge at times asking for thing over and over and being as stubborn as ever! This video is the only thing to distract her with at time! The girls LOVE this Nanerpus Commercial and quite frankly so do Mike and I! The girls can spend nearly 45 minutes on You tube watching variations of Nanerpus and singing along to the oh so catchy song! Shoot! I'll take what I can get in the any form of passifying my two older kids!

Cricket also somehow discovered a new favorite site on line.... dogs.com
It has video after video about dogs, dog care, dog products and anything else related. She made me watch a video on proper dog treats! Funny kid!

I've never seen the girls so sweet and loving and happy even over our new baby sister but on the flip side I'm seeing the frustration and longing to be like it used to be as well. Sort of breaks your heart! I just want to scoop them up one at a time and love them to pieces and make them feel wonderful and safe and loved. This is the hard part about bringing home a new baby. Harder then the getting up at night, being tired and the aches and pains. It's seeing your kids want you and not being able to drop everything. Tis life I guess... we'll all adjust and it will feel normal again soon. In the mean time Nanerpus will add a little happiness in our home and thats ok with me!


Jillyboo said...

o' my gosh, Luke is the exact same way. in fact when i opened your blog and saw it on i quickly shut the laptop so i wouldnt be stuck showing it to luke over the next 45 minutes.

Katie said...

It is hard, three was the worst for me. Luckily they adjust so fast and can hardly remember what it was like before baby. Charlie is beautiful, congrats!

Stephanie said...

i cant wait to show that to Ethan when he gets home from school!

and the adjustment period sucks, but it goes by fast- at least for the kids. Me, I am still adjusting and it has been a year!

When Macy goes to school, it will be much better, I think. She will have something new and exciting to keep her busy and make her feel proud and that leaves you with sweet Molly who can be a bigger sister and feel important as a helper. She will also have more mommy time while charlie sleeps and she wont have to compete with Macy for your time.

Macy at school will force you to be on a schedule, and as silly as it sounds, you need to pencil in a time for everything, including individual snuggle time with each of your sweet girls!

And schedule in some Becca time to make sure you are taking care of yourself... and while youre at it, some "Steph Phone" time would be much appreciated!