DAY 2: " I want this place to shine like the top of the Crysler Building!"

Creative Cleaning!

So go ahead!Call me Ms. Hannigan! I totally pimped out my kids and put them to work like orphans in an orphanage! But did they know that! NOPE! Being creative it the key to get kiddos on board to help with cleaning! It's a game over here today! It also helps when you have a germ-a-phobe child!

I grabbed the Lysol disinfecting wipes and gathered the troops! I told them we were going to play a game and see who could get their wipes the dirtiest!!! Off they went scouring door knobs and light switch plates, banisters and handles! WORKED LIKE A CHARM PEOPLE!!!! 30 minutes and a few wipes each later I have now have less germs and dirt and I was able to do my vacuuming, kitchen, floors and counter tops! Praises be!

I wonder if I gave the girls the toilet bowl brush and some comet if I could convince them that the toilet was a witches cauldron and they were suppose to "brew" up a spell!

*** and I know the Lysol wipes totally go against my GREEN living but with a new baby in the house and RSV on the rise here I felt the need! Sorry Mother Earth!


Stephanie said...

i am so doing this tomorrow...

Andrea said...


Brittany said...

You are a GENIUS!!!! You should get royalty for the idea.