DAY 3: Breakfast for dinner with a twist!

Green Eggs and Ham... ok...green eggs and bacon!

Green Eggs and Ham... ok...green eggs and bacon!

Purple Pancakes and green eggs! Breakfast for dinner is nothing new over here but tint the food a fun color and you have yourself a creative and fun meal!!! The girls get to pick the color of their pancakes on their birthdays!It's something they request every time I make pancakes but I limit it to Birthdays to try to keep it special! But in times of creative need it was put to work and the hit of the night were the green eggs! And truth be told I really craving bacon so breakfast was teh perfect meal for last night dinner!


Stephanie said...

Cute! I made green eggs last year and my kids were excited about it, but then wouldnt touch them! And we always had colored pancakes as a kid too, but for the different holidays- green for st pats day, red for valentines day etc. i loved that as a kid!

Megan said...

I tried the cleaning thing with Kate today, only I gave her a baby wipe, just to keep her busy while I cleaned the kitchen, worked like a charm!!!