DAY 7: Easter prep

Shopping in Pastels!

Today I found myself with two less kids and a chance to actually do something I haven't done in almost a month...Go grocery shopping! I almost didn't go but then I realized I could do the Easter shopping as well and that alone was worth the nursing in the parking lot and the risk of a crying baby! The whole going out with a baby is still VERY new to us!

The aisles were decked out in Spring pastels and Easter decor. Lilly's and plastic eggs! Candy and Cup cakes! I loved it all! I couldn't help but get excited for the girls! Memories and flash backs of my own early years on Easter morning came to mind! My mom was always way into the Holidays!We had over flowing baskets and new cloths for Sunday. I can still remember some of my Easter dresses.

It all made me realize how important making memories was. I haven't been that over the top making family traditions in the past! Don't send me hate mail but I have yet to color eggs EVER with my own kids! oops! So there in the aisles of WalMart I vowed to start doing better. Trying harder to leave the sort of impressions I have of my own childhood!

It was fun shopping for Easter Basket fillings and Egg coloring! I'm Counting this experience in my challenge because it really is a great chance for me to create memories with my girls!

Happy Easter Shopping people!

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Stephanie said...

we are heading out to do this today in fact. I love making memories!