DAY 8: Easter Eggs

Did someone pass gas? Oh sure! Blame it on the hard boiled eggs!

Today we colored Easter eggs! Not sure what smelled worst!The vinegar or the eggs themselves! None the less the girls had a great time and we all survived the event without ruining our cloths or staining our fingers! I think that was the main reason I haven't done it in the past! I always was too afraid of the mess!

The girls littered their eggs with stickers and called it good! They defiantly look like kids decorated them... I guess that's the idea right! I had envisioned fancy eggs with deep rich colors and perfect details! Oh well! I was limited in my helping skills! FOR REAL I've been holding Charlie all day long! This is my first break og the day!

My batteries just ran out on my camera so please enjoy this borrowed picture found on line! Our eggs don't look this good but they made my girls smile and that's all that matters!


Brittany said...

Thanks for the reality check. I was * this * close to having them decorate cookies instead!

Stephanie said...

sweet! i have my kit, but i am still hesitant!!!

Jillyboo said...

We have always done them in the past but Mommy is a little lazy this year. I feel bad about it but I figure I'd slack this year while I can. By next year I may not ba able to get away with it.
You are a cute Mom Rebecca. I love all of your great ideas, and all with a newborn it tow. Very impressive.
And I buy them all from a girl on Etsy who is super affordable. I can give you her id if you want it. I have made a few in the past but after burnt fingers and hot glue everywhere I ended it.

Bryn said...

You are such a cute mama!! Managing two kids with a newborn in your arms?? You're making me tired just thinking about it!! I need more pictures of Charlie!! Charge that camera battery!