DAY 6: Coping


Today will go down in history as my worst day yet! (... ok Becks! Stop being so melodramatic! Worst day W.T.K...With Three Kids!) It's Wednesday so that means I HAVE to cram 3 kids in car seats in the back of my Corolla! This task has jumped to the top of my list of things I HATE to do! So of course there's a fight of who sits where, and tears and tantrums and, oh yeah...the kids weren't too happy either!

Blue was her regular self at Target today... asking for everything, begging to go to the toy section where disappointment awaited her! She's a sport though I will give her that! She helped carry a few things but managed to drop them every few feet and I was constantly asking her to hurry up, follow me and to try not to drop that again!

Should I take it as a compliment that the kids always want to be in the same room as me! Should I be flattered when I get sat on and smothered by little girls. I swear today I was covered in kids, totally enveloped in them!

So there was yelling, and fighting, and pulling one of the other! There was banging on a door with a mop and barricading in a closet. It was chaos! CHAOS!!! Phone calls were barely heard and cut short because I couldn't hear over the fighting!

So picture it... tears, snotty noses , a baby who nurses ALL DAY LONG and me with three day hair! Not pretty! I have piles of laundry, dinner still to invent and no desire to do any of it!

So that's when it hit me! DANCE or go INSANE!!!! No I mean it! Pick one! You chose! So DANCE it was! My kids like Dance mom more then Insane mom so there you go! I gathered my crazy chickens and headed for the dance floor a.k.a. the living room! In went "Pink Martini" and away we danced! No holding back, swirly girl dancing! Close your eyes even dancing!30 min. of dancy dance dance! And breath mama! Breath

And can I just say I have inspired friends. In all the turmoil of my day I had two glimmers of sunshine... One amazing friend who heard the girls at their best while we were on the phone showed up with a new game for them to get lost in! Worked like a charm... it was my only relief from their coo cooness! And then at 6 p.m. a.k.a. Melt Down o'clock, I open the front door to find my oh so inspired neighbor and friend with food in hand and a friendly smile! One more amazing meal can you believe it and just when I needed it! Do I have amazing friends or what!

So the moral of the story is this... Always chose DANCE over going INSANE! Always open the door even when your nursing pad is folded in your bra wrong and looks like you have a folded nursing pad in your shirt. Always end the day with your kids with kisses and snuggles even if that was the last thing you wanted to give them all day long! And always remember that tomorrow isn't Wednesday!!! That is unless it's Tuesday night and then you're pretty much screwed!


Angie said...

Oh wow! I TOTALLY had one of those days today too. If I was a more inspired friend I would have called you and let our kids whine together. (Except Olivia is sicker than a dog today.) I can't believe I haven't been down to see your baby in person yet.

Stephanie said...

i am laughing right now. way to put it and way to get over it! i gotta remember this one. dance or go insane. i like it...

kori said...

I am impressed that you can even fit three car seats in a car. I think you need to buy a new minivan from Brad!

Brittany said...

Sounds like it's time to upgrade to mini van. I was hesitant (the whole stigma and all, you understand)...but I must say - I LOVE MINE! That's right, I admitted it. Come, join the "Molly" side!

Jamie C. said...

I totally hear you on the kids climbing all over you bit. I Know it's all in the name of love, but seriously, while I'm nursing? Do you both need to be on my lap while I'm nursing? What's wrong with the other hours of the day when I'm not nursing, why not sit on my lap then? Personal space is something I totally took for granted with 2 children!