DAY 17: Thank you Mother EARTH

GREEN Thumb anyone!

Happy EARTH day!!!

With the sun shining down and making itself comfortable on my shoulders, I walked back and forth across my lawn making my best attempt to create perfect lines with the lawn mover on our greener then green grass. Don't think it wasn't a coincidence that I waited till no cars drove past me before I pulled the rip cord like a bajillion times before the mover roared to life for the first time this year! Ahh the aroma of fresh cut grass!

The girls were also under Mother Natures spell as they picked dandelions, collected cut grass to make "nests" and searched for pet ants. Little Blues grass stained feet were the perfect accessory to her sundress and pink cheek. Pigtails and gardening buckets...doesn't it get much better then this!!!

How beautiful is this world we live in! Can anyone on this earth not admit that we all fall victim to a love affair with the great out doors when the sun is shinning and the trees are in full bloom! I'm convinced Tulips and Daffodils were put on this earth to simple bring smiles to our faces.

So on this Earth Day I had to take it in! Stop and look around and marvel at Gods amazing creation! I couldn't help but feel renewed in my desire to do my part! Create a world with a little less waste and a little more love! So let's all try just a little harder to appreciate the home we all share! Reduce , Reuse , Recycle and remember we can all make a difference!


Stephanie said...

I want to see pictures of Blue with rosy cheeks and grass stained feet!

Suzanne said...

I started my mower today for the first time this season and I thought I was going to die just pulling the string a gazillion times. I love dafodills & tulips. Such a pretty time of year.