Weekend to remember!

Fun was defiantly had by all this past weekend!!! We headed off to Classic Skate to get our bounce and try our luck at the water slides!!! Fore real that place was a blast!!! If you live within 30 min. of this place you have to take advantage of them this summer and join in on the fun!!! Cricket got so into the slides and mastered going down them by herself while wearing this ridiculesly funny inter tube safety ring that made her look like she sported an 80's up the bottom leotard! We were dying it was so funny!

Blue even warmed up to the idea of it and road on my lap. She was content to lounge on what she affectionately named "The Beach" aka the kiddie pool! Cute little chubby bum chickie sticking up in the water as she floated along the "shore!" We'll defiantly be spending lots of time at the slides this summer!

Mike had a great Fathers Day... I hope!!!Easy for me to say right!!! He woke up to snuggles and body slams from his girls and I made him cinnamon swirl French toast and strawberries with bacon!!! Sounds like a good start right!!! Both girls sang to their daddy at church and it was too funny! I wish we could have video taped it!!! Blue loves going up there which is a huge surprise because she gets so embarrassed so easily! There she was, her eyes only 4" above the top of the stand and her fat little chub of an arm reaching over waving in our direction. At one point Crick picks her up and nearly kills over from the weight of her! Too funny!!! Little waves and funny sqinty smiles!!!Now that's a great gift to Dad!

Dad was showered with dress shirts and beef jerky from the girls and foot rub from me! We ended the day at Sugar House Park taking photos of the girls and dad...even if the girls were less then cooperative we managed to get a few good ones out of them but non with Mike witch makes me sad! Oh well!!!Hopefully all of you had a great weekend as well celebrating the wonderful fathers in all our lives!!! I am so grateful for a husband that is the best father in the world to our girls! He is not afraid to get down and play or lay down the law with gentle guidance!!! I simply adore him for so many of his wonderful qualities bu this love and affection for his girls goes un matched!!!! How blessed are we!

And How lucky are Mike and I and the girls to have such wonderful roll models in our lives!! Thanks Tom, Deano and all our grandfathers who have always been there for us!!!! We love you!


Hassler Family said...

Ahhhh Classic Skate and the memories that name brings back. I can just hear the song "turn around, give me your hand. . . " and picture the blond hunk I hoped noticed me out on the rink! :) So fun!

Mike and Jenny said...

I SO love Jon and Kate. It is awesome. I wish I was more organized like her and she has eight kids to worry about :) You can totally link me. I sure love blogging and getting to know others, it is a blast. Let me know about the book club.

Bryn said...

You are doing awesome with your digital scrapbooking. Your pages are all so cute! I love your new business logo too!