The Magic of a $10 Summer pass!!!

Ahh yes summer... for a mom like me with little ones still home all year round it really doesn't feel like a summer break. It's just still mommy land but warmer! I'm trying my best to make it feel special and keep busy or at least have the option to be anxiously engaged.

Today we headed off to Classic Skate to take advantage of the $10 summer pass! For $10 you get all access to any of the attractions for only $1 now through August! Today we did a little bouncin' in the bounce Zone and washed it down with a $1 lemonade! Now it feels like summer! They also have a jungle, skating, laser tag, arcade, nachos, pizza, drinks, ice cream and my personal favorite, count on me being there at least once a week... the water slides! All for only a buck a visit!!!Not to bad huh!

We also are full fledge Zoo annual pass card holders!We don't play around! So if anyone comes to town or wants to meet up for a day-o-fun with the Dulgarian's don't you hesitate! We'll get our bounce on, see a tiger and share a slice of pizza...on the other hand, I'll buy you your own slice! It's a buck! I can splurge!


Stephanie said...

so fun! i need to find more to do around here! problem i have no is gas prices- i told myself i could only leave maricopa once a week- if i had passes anywhere, i would be gone everyday! my kids would love it, but my bank account wouldn't!

Mike and Jenny said...
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Mike and Jenny said...

I enjoyed getting to know you through your blog and would like to get to know you even better. I would love to meet you one day and let the kids play. I love what you have made. My mom said you were talented and she was right. I look forward to what you will do with Enrichment. :)