Blue Bird

Blue is as fun as they come. Her funny personality is as across the board as Utah weather.One minute she's a shy little wall flower and the next she is bursting out in song or throwing body slams onto the closest victim she can find!

Her silly little body is entertainment enough. She's stocky and fluffy and chub. She's like a jar of Fluffy Mello! So irresistible and puts a smile on your face when you first lay eyes on it!!! She melts into you as you hold her and her voice is something I never want to forget! Sadly she would be mocked at the age of 16 is she still spoke in sweet rythem while curling her lips and laughing with her mouth wide open!!! That sweet little voice will be a tragity to lose as she grows up!

She by far is our sensitive one! She had a habbit of bursting into tears when the slightest of repramands was given. Even the simple direction of " no not that one! get the other book!" would sometimes invite her lower lip to purtrude and a giant breath to be engulf just before a whale of a cry would escape her! When she was littlel it was more of a endering quality... now it's just her being herself!!! She's throdeled back a bit thank goodness but I never will forget her tender nature as a baby. So quick to have hurt feelings and so quick to be consoled.

The older she gets the more we fall in love. Her side ways looks, the way she stands with one foot cocked, the way she holds our face as if she was the mom. Every bit about her is lovely. Even when her stubborness brings me to a stand still in the aisles of the grocery store!

Last night she crept from her room just moments after I tucked her in and kissed good night! She stood in the door jam looking sullen and concerned.

"What's wrong Blue Bird?"

"mumble mumbel...(thought I hear the word pair..."

"What baby?"

(More slowly this time so mom could get it!)
" mumble mumble...pair..."


Then finally I hear it spoken in a sweet almost whisper..." You forgot to say a prayer!"

Oh just melt my heart!!! She's becoming more and more assertive of what she wants. The other day she told me she wanted to go take a nap. I think I was engrossed in my cooking so I agnolished her without hearing or grasping what she was saying and off she went.

Some time later I walk past her room and there she lay a sleeping little angel. Then I recalled what she had said and off she went to follow through!
Our little side sleeper wrapped up in Aunt Boopers blanket, one of her most favorite things in the world!

We are so absolutly smitten by this little girl!


the bates motel said...

cute post! she really is such a cutie. i hope we'll always remember the super sweet things they do! love the pic of her slepping!

Stephanie said...

i miss her! can you talk your husband into moving closer to me? pretty please?!

Jamie C. said...

She does sound lovely. I love all her chubb and she certainly looks like an angel sleeping there on her bed. Wish I could hear that voice you've described. Sounds adorable!

Jillyboo said...

Sounds like you guys are great parents too! I love that she totally realized that something she felt was important was left out of the routine.
She is such a sweetie, I love all of the cute stories about her. She has the happiest little smile, you can tell she is just a good girl and loves life and everything in it.

Hoagland Family said...

It just gives me chills at how sweet Blue is, she is just so smart. It's amazing what their capable of doing at such a little age. Even so small they remember so much they are taught.

AnieCooper said...

That is too cute :)

Mike and Jenny said...

You are so sweet. I did cut it after playdate. Jenny P. was free so we did it. Your girls are so cute. We check the playdates for future wives j/k :) Your girls are super cute though !!!

Laura said...

What a beautiful tribute post. My little guy sounds so similar- from the chub body to the holding our face while talking to us. I just LOVE this age.