How does your garden grow?

Welcome to our family garden!!! Let's see what we planted!!

M: melon, Honey Dew
C: cucumbers
A: artichoke's ( Give Gab's the good news!!!)
L: baby lettus
T: Tomatos
CT: cherry tomatos
W: watermelon

And then on the other side of the house we planted our zucchini, and other squashes!!!!

Last night for FHE we finally got the finishing touches on our garden!!!It's been a huge task... a lot bigger then we thought it would be! Weeks ago we finished taking up the grass on the side of our home to make a plot for our first garden in our own home! It's a 12'x7' area and Mike boxed it in with wood planks and it looks so great!!!Thanks babe!

Then on that same weekend if you would have driven past our house you would have seen both of us shoveling a huge truck load of top soil from a truck bed into a wheel barrel then into the back yard!!! You all have seen me right!!!Do I look like the manual labor type!!! Not so much! I about killed over trying my best to get dirt from A to B. But we did it!

Finally after a few starts bit the dust before even getting planted and a few more trips to the nursery we finally have the veggies in place and I can't tell you how in love I am with the garden!I can see it from my kitchen window and it just puts a smile on my face! They are all so cute in neat little rows!!! Such order and perfection!! Love it! Mike reminds me it won't always look like this! I know but I can enjoy the baby stage of a perfect looking garden right!!!


michelle said...

I'm super jealous. After a washer and dryer, my next favorite thing to have would be a garden.

Stephanie said...

how fun! now come do mine!

Jamie C. said...

I am so jealous of your garden! Gabs will be too! If for some reason you have an overabundance of artichokes come the second week in July, we'll gladly take some off your hands as we pass through to see family! Home grown artichokes, I've never had them! Mmm sounds delicious! One day I'll be like you and have an amazing garden! Enojy all your home grown goodies!

aubri said...

link me up baby!

Megan said...

Sweet! That will be so fun when you can go out there with the girls and start harvesting all the goods! Now all you need is a giant spray bottle for Molly to water, and you'll be set!

Jillyboo said...

I love your garden and am so excited to see updates on its growth. Look how cute you are, quite a domestic goddess.
Also, teach me how to do the grid on photoshop. It is darling, I love.

Stone Crew said...

looks great... keep up the good work

Richelle said...

i think there is a mutual thing of everyone being jealous! (me included). Jason did plant some strawberries and lilies in our flower pots that have been doing well, but that's about all we have room for. i hope you get lots of great veggis, you deserve it for all your hard work!