Comfort ...

( A little photo shop fun!!! just learned how to make cool grids!)

As annoying as it is to go into my girls room one more time to tell them to "Pipe Down! It's really time for bed !", I can't tell you how comforting it is to to know that all is well in the tiny little world we live in. I count them as blessing on our tally sheet of miracles! It's way too easy to forget how special childhood, health and moments like this really are.

As I sit here separated from them only by one wall I hear little squeals of laughter, whispers of covert operations and instructions on how to send little sister out of the room in hopes of fighting bed time one more time! This is classic bed time over here!

The routine usually includes a few visits from Blue with a frown on her face and a pitiful record like complaint..."Macy made me sad!!" We typically follow this up by giving her a pep talk and a few lines to deliver to her big sister. She musters up the courage and marches back to her room and we'll hear.." I'm a big girl Mace and you can't make me sad!" That tides the situation over for a few more minutes and then like magic she appears again with another sad tale of betrayal. This is her recipe for bed time aversion! It's hard not to fall for it when she looks so adorable all pouty and rolly polly like, bottom lip stuck out and blanket under one arm. It's all we can do not to scoop her up and gnaw on her ham hawk leg or double chins... I swear she seems almost eatable with all that chub!!! She's like those fluffy cherub babies in portraits !!!Sorry...we all knows she's got the chub going on!!!

Cricket on the other hand has mastered the good old Box trick of playing possum!!! She'll cleverly hear us coming into their room and she'll have just in time jumped back into bed, covers up to her chin, and will have her two hands pressed together under her cheek appearing to have been restfully sleeping for hours! Not even a smirk on her face! This must be genetic! I'm the queen of possum!My sister and I invented the game! We've never taught it to her... she must just be so in tunes to this ritual right of passage that it just comes natural!! It secretly makes me smile inside just to see her doing this. It brings back so many memories for me! My sister and I still do it!

These two girls are such a comfort to me! knowing that they are growing and healthy and silly and smart and clever and kind and loving , it all makes me feel wonderful inside. I have little to do with their good nature. I feel that that is a blessing from Heavenly Father to have been given children that make me smile and laugh. Children are earthly reminders of the love and joy that exist in Heaven. They remind us of innocence and perfection. They are the looking glass into what unconditional love really looks and feels like! They make us better then we can be on our own and stronger for the worry they put us through.

What a comfort it is to be loved and needed by such amazing little spirits!


Bryn said...

I love those adorable pictures of your girls. I vote for more grids! Bed time stories....CLASSIC. Dax is starting to learn how to work us over. I can't wait to see what he teaches Wyatt. What a cute post Becca!

AnieCooper said...

Those are such adorable pics of the girls. I can't believe how much they are changing these days. They just get cuter by the picture ;)

Megan said...

oh my gosh! those pictures are priceless!