Before and Afters

Nap time.... or so I thought! It's pretty safe to say that if I put Macy and Blue in the same room for their afternoon naps the following two outcomes can not be avoided...

Outcome #1

Macy so kindly will fill her sisters crib with every single toy in their room. I'll find my sweet Blue, hours later sleeping among building blocks, puppets and baseball bats and still no sleeping Mace Dog!

Outcome #2

Blue stands for hours watching Mace again pull every toy and book out of her closet while she litters her floor with her favorite possessions! She entertains Blue while she plays dress up or builds a tent and puts on shows. Nobody sleeps!

I've learned to just let Mace fall asleep on the couch but every so often I have a memory laps and assume she'll be ok in their. WRONG!!!!

here is what the girls room looks like pre Macy and here is what it looks like Post Tornado. And yes this is every time I put them to bed!


michelle said...

Rebecca, your pictures of your San Fransisco trip are GREAT! It looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Your girls are soooooo adorable. I love the pics. of them looking at those amazing flowers. The pic. of the girls room looks sooo familiar. I am begining to think that there is a bomb upstairs at my house. I can be up there, and walk down stairs thinking all is well. Within a few hours it looks like a bomb went off. That

Anonymous said...

wow, it looks like a tornado hit those rooms. That is what happens with just Alec when i put him in bed and he is not even remotly tired.

Andrea said...

The before and afters are great...I loved your San Fransisco slide show! I've been a few times, but it was when I was way younger...Maybe I'll try to talk Jeremy into visiting there, I don't know though, he's in love with San Diego...Glad to hear you had a nice vacation!

Donna said...

I love your pic from your trip. It looks like you had so much fun time!!!!!! My boy's bedroom looks lke a bomb everyday!!!!!!

Laura Huston said...

That is too funny! I'm sure I'll see that when I have another little one down the road as they will being sharing with eachother as well.