Be an AFTER! Stay an AFTER!!!

Just like in the weight loss ads, I am becoming an AFTER!!!! I have the de-cluttering bug and it feels great! I spent all morning just going nuts around the house. I meant to just clean out my pot's and pans but I went crazy in the kitchen!

I also finally sorted through my makeup and posted a picture of the cloths I got rid of on Wednesday after watching Oprah's show on de-cluttering that really motivated me!

I also re organized my closet and moved a few things around in my room. I really want to make my bedroom feel more like a bedroom and less like a catch all for way word things! I smell a project!!!!


sarah said...

good job rebecca!!! looks good. why don't you come do my house for me.

michelle said...

You did GREAT Rebecca! Your are totally doing some amazing things in your home. I am so glad that you posted pics. It is so fun to see your progression.

Donna said...

Super!!!!!! It looks great!!!!

Brandi said...

Wow, rebecca, you did awesome. I really need to catch this bug and declutter.

AnieCooper said...

You are seriously amazing! How in the world do you have time for all this with two active little girls at home?

We are moving next month...I need to follow in your footsteps and declutter more stuff. Who needs all this stuff to live!?!

Good job Becca!! You make me proud ;)

Baker and Jenny said...

The question is, how long do you think it will stay looking this nice? I think as long as Mace Dawg doesn't get into it you might make it. Kudos my sister for a job well done!