We left our heart in San Francisco!

Needless to say We had the best time in my all time favorite city! We were so blessed to be surrounded by such a beautiful city and even better company! Thanks to Adam and Amber Ward we had a place to crash in the Marina, an awesome part of town. They failed to warn us that they had a studio apartment so the first night was fun! My girls were so happy to be out of the car and wanted little to do with sleep. Mike ans I did everything to keep them quiet! It all worked out perfectly after that and thankfully they slept like angels the following nights!

We hit up all our favorite spots! My biggest regret is that we didn't make it to House of Nanking, my all time favorite Chinese restaurant! so sad!!! But we did manage to get in two consecutive meals from Chaat Cafe, the best Indian in town! So yes, food was a huge ploy to the city! How could it not be!

...Oh and alert the press!! I, Rebecca Dulgarian, was once again reunited with the donut that changed my life! I'll set the scene... There we were in Safeway grocery shopping for your typical vacation needs, milk, apples, fruit roll ups,poweraid, cereal. As we near the bakery I am unaware of the sudded euphoria I am about to partake in. I wasn't prepared for the reunion. I had failed to remember that this place, Safeway, was the original mecca of the all mighty Pink Raised Donut with Chocolate stripes. AHHH!!! The heavens open and I am face to face with the enclosed Donut case! I stop in my tracks to catch my breath! Could this be? Had I really pushed this blessed treat out of my memory because it was too painful not to have on a regular basis!? I approach the donuts with a childlike enthusiasms. I literally run to open the case and pick out the perfect one! It was a work of art!!!! It took all my strength to not eat it right there! In my mind I started picturing the perfect time and place to eat it! It safely made it home and hours later after soaking in my city I was rewarded with it's glorious sweetness! I miss her already!

OK! back to planet Earth! We met up with the BYU crew! Joe and Dawnelle and Derick and Amy made the trip down to be together for the Super Bowl! It was soooo great to see everyone! We meet new sweet baby Jack and were with our sweet friend "baby" Carter who is no longer a baby! I just loved seeing how all the boys have evolved. They were all roommates at V Hall and now all have amazing wives and are starting families! Being together made the trip even better!

Super Bowl 2007 was a blast...yes! Even I enjoyed the game! Poor Hansen family!!! We still love ya even if the Bears fell a little short! Go Colts!!!! The Benson's were perfect hosts and the food was amazing! Dawnelle you amaze me!

We made it safely home and now have great memories to remember our awesome trip!!! Thanks everyone for being apart of it!


AnieCooper said...

Hey Becca! Sounds like you guys had an amazing time!! I am so jealous...I would love to go to San Fran Brent and I plan on it eventually!

Love the pics too. Your donut story is hilarious!

So, have you heard what Julie and Aaron named the newest Shong member? I am dying to know what his name is and see pics of him!!!

I absolutely love reading your blog! I need to get more into mine...it is so boring.

My life is a little stressful right now...maybe that has something to do with it :)

talk to you soon!! love ya!

Laura Huston said...

Your donut story cracked me up! Now I want to go there!! I went there once, when I was 5.. I still remember being AMAZED at the tall buildings and my parents bought me some chinese style pajamas in ChinaTown! Haha. Glad you had fun!