So I spelled Saturday wrong, sorry but I don't know how to go edit a post so please forgive me! Believe it or not I never got 100% on ANY Spelling test EVER!!!!! He He!!!

And I went to read all your comments and a few of you asked me what book I was writing! So funny! When I said I was going to finish a book I meant finish reading a book! But I do aspire to be an author some day. I have many children's stories I have written and I am working on a humorous Parenting kind of read! I know I have mentioned in the past that I write so I apologize for misleading you!

*** Spell check is my best friend!!! It just failed me this last time!


Andrea said...

Hey, when you first sign into your blog, the place where you click on "new post" (I think it's called the dashboard...) it says "manage posts, settings, layout" so you click on posts and then it will list all of the posts you've made and you can click on edit (it's on the left hand side) and fix anything you want to and then repost it...Hopefully this makes sense lol!
I thought that I remembered you mentioning that you had either written before or would like to write...Well, finishing a book is fun too!!

Rebecca D. said...

Thanks Andrea!!!!!!