My Sweet snow babies

For a little while it was FREEZING here! Probably not compared to the rest of the U.S. but for my little Huntington Beach family it was cold! The girls looked so adorable all bundled up!Molly had sweet rosy cheeks after playing outside!We'll for sure have to take the girls to the snow this season!!!


AnieCooper said...

Hey Becca! Okay...your blog is great! I am so glad you have this. I should do one of these just for fun...the only thing is it would be pretty boring considering it is just Brent and I. I just wanted to tell you hello! You seriously need to get a myspace account. I talk with Julie weekly! Miss you! We need to get together again soon! love ya! Anie

michelle said...

Your little girls are soooo cute! They look prescious bundled up. I just noticed MC was acting up again! I hope we don't have another week without MC!