Sunday Sunday!!!

Oh how I love Sundays! I am totally loving our new church schedule! We meet from 8am-11 am! It sounds terribly early but to get home so early in the day with endless possibilities, it really is great! Today we enjoyed our first Sunday together at church. For the last month we have been sick and been missing it. One of us will go with one girl or take turns staying home with a sick kid but today we made it together! It was a great service! Macy is loving her primary class and has had a great transition from nursery to Primary! Molly was content to eat snacks and be sweet on our laps! She also loves hanging with her aunt and uncle!

We came home to enjoy lunch and nap time! while the family was napping I went on a perfect walk with Boo and Aspen down at the beach! Man I love were I live! It's so peaceful and beautiful! Boo and I made corn chowder for dinner and just enjoyed visiting. I read the Ensign and worked on my knitting! It really has been the perfect the perfect day!

As I write this the girls are erupting in laughter as Mike wrestles and plays with them! Could we be any more blessed!?


AnieCooper said...

You sound so happy. I am happy for you and your life gives me hope that someday ours will too be calm ;) With Brent still in school and working weekends it, at times, still feels like we aren't really married. Once we live completely on our own and have a regular schedule and kids...I think things will slowly fall into place. I so want a baby, but know it is impossible at this time. For now I love being an auntie to Kylie. Jamie is planning on getting pregnant...well I should say trying to get pregnant starting now :) So I get to be an auntie again! I can't wait! Well, I am glad you had such a wonderful Sunday! You truly are blessed! love ya!

Anonymous said...

DOn't you just love Perfect Sunday's. I would LOVE to be able to go for a walk on the beach...just like that. For me it would take like 8 hours to drive there...even then it isn't the warm beach. But the Oregon coast and it is cold. So Sad!

michelle said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful Sunday. I am glad that it went so well. I am sure it felt good to all be back at church together.

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous of your church schedule! We don't start until 1:30pm...so we don't get home until it is almost dark. It makes me so sad!!