I did IT!!!

So I got to check off a ton of things on my Daily and Weekly To do list today!!! Some major big ones. I of course took care of the house today and got the necessary things done! Always a good thing but today I really focused on my writing. My goal for the week was to get a few sample articles written to submit to my favorite online site. It's a great site I have learn to love and appreciate. I wrote two articles. One on The art of Making a Home and the other on Smart shopping! We'll see what becomes of it. It would be so fun to be a staff writer.

I really enjoyed focusing on writing for a change. I really need to get more disciplined and commit to doing it on a regular basis. I'm nearing my 5 year mark. 5 years ago I set a goal to be a published children's author. Hummmm!!! Not quite there yet! I have ton's of finished stories and endless ideas but I am at a loss of what to do next! Hopefully this opportunity may help me become more focused and get the motivation I need to really pursue this.

I also just finished READING my book! Simplify your time! It's all working out pretty well. I accidentally set a goal to read 40 books this year. That was my 3rd. I meant to set a goal of 25! oops! we'll we'll see how that goes too. 25-40 books in one year! Maybe I'll count my Ensigns as a good read too! I just love to read and never make time to enjoy it! This is all part of my master plan this year! Focus more on ME. What do I need to be doing for self improvement and self growth? doing things I love and miss is a big part of that.

My girlfriend and I are going to do a 5k together. Baby steps! All my running friends may laugh but I got to start somewhere right!

I feel on top of my game right now! I have never felt so in control of my life! I have a home I love being in and a schedule that is working for me! My goals are clearly set I feel like nothing can bring me down! I have a momentum to me that feels amazing. I know I can keep it up! Positive thinking is my best friend right now!!!!oh man I feel like singing!...here I sit on cloud nine!


Laura Huston said...

WOW!! You've become quite the blogger these last few days! Thanks for the updates, what a GREAT momentum you're on! Can you bottle that stuff up and sell it? Need some!

michelle said...

I am so happy for you! It sounds like life is going so well! I would love to read some of your writings sometime. I think it is so cool that your writing articles to submit.

Donna said...

WOW!!!! that is great about your articles. Keep us posted. Good luck in your 5k. I hope you have a great day!!!!!!!!!

Andrea said...

I wish that I would get with the program and get some things accomplished...I feel like I sit here on this dumb computer all day everyday...I really need to make and set some goals and get with it! You're a great motivation! Don't feel bad about the 5k...all runners have to start somewhere...my best friend has run four 1/2 marathons, plans on running another 1/2 in March and is running a full marathon in April and I remember less than 2 years ago when she couldn't even run 2 blocks without stopping! You can do it!

AnieCooper said...

Wow!!! Way to go Becca. You are doing amazing. I for one am very proud and motivated by you. I have to get with this blog thing. ;) I would love to read one of the books you've written. I could even read it to my students ;) I wonder if I know anyone that is in publishing...or has been published. i will check into it and let you know :)

Hope you keep up the great work!