Just checking in...

So last night was fun! We had Taco Night at Boo's house and had nearly 20 friends over. Taco night is always a lot of fun! Nothing better then great friends and great food in the same night! We were welcoming a new couple that recently got married and moved into the complex.

Today the girls got up relatively early, 7 am. I can usually get another hour out of them. Oh well! It was a great way to start my day of a little early. Molly is too cute! She can now fee herself cereal with milk . She was master the art of using a spoon. She gets so excited to feed herself and is surprisingly good at not making a mess. I'll have to take a picture of her doing it. it is too funny! She is just growing up so fast!

Macy is happy being moms big helper and helping Blue get along in life! Mace is loving the time we spend every day working on our preschool skills. She asks everyday, even on weekends, if it's time for preschool. We have so many fun workbooks and games and she is really taking to it! She is always reminding me that when she turns 4 she gets to goto school! She has recently started drawing people with the funny round bodies and stick arms and legs. she loves drawing monsters and pretend writing. Her funniest thing she says lately when i tell her to go read some books is " mom! I can't read!" She so wants to read so I think I'll start working on that!

Today I got all my house work done by 8:30 I even did a few extra things becaseu i was on a roll. here was my list today...

Clean out the refrigerator
restock the toilet paper in each bathrooms
Straigten under bathroom sinks
organize my jewelery box
set up my appointment to VT tomorrow

Then i added theses fun tasks...

deep cleaned the stove top
gathered trash for Mike to take out
cleaned girls room

I've also just finished reading for an hour and I'll hopefully finish my Ensign today! One more goal soon to be checked off!

I read yesterday " A Goal is a dream with a date attached to it!" I really loved that! I have so many Dreams that I now know how to make come true! Add a deadline and see what happens!


michelle said...

Wow! You have gotten so much done today. Your post totally motivates me. I didn't get to Barnes, and Noble yesterday. It is on the list to do first thing in the morning. I am going to get the book you recomended. I am so happy that things are going so well for you. :) Have a great evening. American Idol is on tonight too.

Andrea said...

You're seriously doing way too much everyday and it's not helping my self esteem lol! I wish I had the motivation that you do, sometimes I have some, but not nearly enough lol!

Anonymous said...

wow, i can't believe how much you got to done in one day. I guess getting up at 7am helps a bit.

Mandymoo said...

Wow.. I am impressed. I have a few days out of the year like that.. but most of the time I get one task done and just feel like I can't do anymore. Then I just sit there and write down everything else that I need to do.... which then doesn't get done! haha. That is great! You have a beautiful family :)