Saterday...Here Again!!!

Oh how I love the weekends! Even though they sometimes feel like any other day in my life! it is nice having Mike home to spend time with!

Last night was a little weird! Macy was just going crazy and I could tell she was super tired so i put her to sleep at 6:30 and Molly was soon after at 7. They both fell right to sleep! It was great! Mike and I are still not 100% so we just relaxed and watched Season 3 of 24 and went to bed at 9:30! It was just so strange how late it felt to me! I really must have needed sleep. The girls slept till 7 so it was perfect!

We got a great start to out Saturday! My house was already clean and put together so it felt great to not have to worry about getting a ton done around here. I did organize Molly's cloths into her new dresser i got this morning. They girls are spending the mornignwith Baker and Boo on Main St. and Mike is getting the oil changed. It's just a casual day....I love it when days like this happen!

So I dad the craziest dream the other night! I must watch too much tv...you'll see why. I had a dream that I worked at Linens N Things and Dwight and Oscar from the Office were also employees. Dwight and was mad at Oscar because he was hiding the in store coupons and he was chasing him all over the store. After work I had to go meet my date at his house. I had a date with Mr. Big from Sex in the City! Crazy huh! I remember thinking how nerviouse I was because I wanted him to understand my standards! Funny huh! Anyway, I show up at his house and we are babysitting some kids. The hole time he was super respectful and only held my hand. I woke thinking for sure I watch too much tv! I just love dreams!

I honestly have very active dreams! Mike thinks I exaggerate but honestly I don't. He can never remember his dreams very well so he assumes everyone is like that! I am a horrible sleeper , super light and it takes me hours to fall asleep. I just think I dream more because I never get great sleep! anyway....

Well I better go see what else I can do around here. Maybe I'll try to finish my book!


Andrea said...

Oooohhh, what kind of book are you writing? I've always wanted to write a book, maybe I'll give it a go...I always have dreams that are really detail oriented as well, Jeremy's the same way though, he has CRAZY dreams. Hope you continue to have a good weekend!

michelle said...

Your dream sounds like it was quite the dream! :) I have some off the wall dreams too. It sounds like you have had a happy Saturday. I think it is so cool that your writing a book. What is it about? Have a great night!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could dream...even if I do, I don't remember them. The only thing I ever remember dreaming or night marish is I was being chased by wild dogs...like on the episode of Little House on The Prarie. Sounds like you had a nice Saturday of relaxation.