oh happy day!!!

Just having one of those "I'm getting a lot done" days! And man does that feel great!
I finally got my "HUB" all set up! It's a station that allows me to keep all the important things in order! I picked up a dry eraser board and hung it in my bedroom! Not the most romantic thing to add to the room but I've given up on making my bedroom the romantic retreat I've dreamed about! The rest of the house it all shaping up to what I like but this room is a lost cause! It's become a catch all for everything that doesn't have a room to call it's own. It's our office, my craft head quarters!Oh well! I've done my best with my two bedroom apartment!
...back to the real matter! The Hub holds my calendar and To do lists! It helps me stay on top of my house, personal and family goals! Any important reminders can make a home on the HUB!!! And at the end of the day I can really see what I've done and see what needs to get done the next day!Now if Mike ever wants to know what I did that day all he has to do is look at the HUB! And who doesn't love feeling accomplished at the end of the day! Checking things off is such a good feeling!


sarah said...

that's a great idea. my DH always wonders what i do all day...like i sit around eating bon bons or something. lol

Jason & Megan said...

That is a great idea! I am such a list oriented person, sometimes I put stuff on my list after I have done it just so I can get that good feeling of crossing it off!!! I know what you mean about the bedroom, it is hard to make it a romantic place and still have the rest of the house looking orderly! Our bedroom is also our "office" and sorta my bathroom, I do my makeup in there every morning. I am determined to make it a real BEDROOM when we move, we'll see how that goes!