Wednesday Morning

WHAT!!! Could this be the break I've been waiting nearly a month for?!!!!? I woke up for the first time not wanting to roll over and give up! I could actually breath out of both nostrils! I wasn't hating my day already due to a headache or a sleepless night! I t defiantly was a great start to my day!

The girls are finally doing better too. Yesterday was our first day vomit free so we started our tally and hopefully it will be an endless vomit free zone in the Dulgarian home! With my renewed energy I jumped right back in to my routine. I got my kitchen , living room , bedroom and dinning room all done before 8:30. I still have to dust, vacuum, clean my bathroom and pick up the girls room but i have a new spring in my step and look forward to my spotless house. I feel like i REALLY want to disinfect my house. i just don't want any lingering germs rearing their ugly head bitting me in the butt again any time soon!

Well I have a lot on my plate this next week. I have to get the Newsletter done in a week and gather all my info for that! I also think I'll be getting a new calling and be in charge of the ward Program every week as well so I'll be behind the computer each week working on that. luckily I think the info all gets emailed to me so there won't be any detective work on my part. I also just feel so behind on everything having been sick for so long. Even while sick I was on top of my house ans still got a home cooked meal on the table nearly every night but I just feel like I tried so hard to get the basics done I left all the rest on the back burner!

I feel like my organization, reading and other personal goals are already failing. So that's a huge priority for me now that I'm hopefully on the up and up. Maybe if I list my personal goals publicly I'll me more in tuned with my desire to get them done and stay on track...

My Personal Goals for 2007

Read 40 books this year for pleasure
Use a Calendar and keep a Info station
Set monthly project goals
Attend the Temple monthly
Try a new recipe a week
Work with a Charity
Volunteer more
Take a night off for just me once a month
Take a personal enrichment class from BYU

So there you have it! We also have family goals and other goals for this year! I love setting new goals. Even if the end of the year rolls around and your list is only half checked off, at lest you did something! But so far I on the pathway os success! but it's only January right! he he!


Donna said...

WOW!!! I am so glad that everyone is feeling better.
Sounds like you have a lots to do and that you are going to be busy. I love being busy!!!! Your have set some wonderful goals
I hope you enjoy your day.

michelle said...

I am so happy that all of you are feeling better. You have had more than your fair share. It looks like you have some wonderful goals. I made some goals this year, and am having fun sticking to them. I love the feeling when the are accomplished. Have a great day! :)

sarah said...

I totally know what you are feeling! we've been sick since Christmas. The last 2 nights were the worst. I had it last night and feel better today but i woke up and cleaned my house like crazy!!!! I feel so much better now that we are closer to being germ free. congratulations on a good nights sleep. hopefully mine is in the near future!