Keeping busy!

So a big part of me keeping a hold of my identity is staying true to my creative side! It seems like I always have to have a project going so i don't turn into the crabby mom and house wife I hate being! I love finding new thing to try and do and running with ideas I get from online, friends or tv.! I have had a few new projects that have kept my juices flowing.

One friends had made the most adorable magnets for Christmas so i quickly emailed her and asked her how she did it! They were a blast to make and turned out to be great gifts this last holiday season! Thanks Spydee!!!!!

I also have been busy making knitted hats! In the last three days i busted out three hats for myself and the girls! All matching! I've never gone through a whole thing of yarn before! Thanks to my awesome neighbor Sarah and her knitting loom it was so easy ans fast and only took about 2 hours each! I'll have to get myself a loom!

I am always looking for more fun and creative ideas to help keep me busy! Every time I make something new it only makes me want more supplies and more space to put it all. I'll be patient! Some day I'll have my dream craft room!!!


Andrea said...

Wow, you've gotten so much accomplished! I really want to make some of those magnets soon so I might be getting ahold of you about that! The pic of you and your girls is so cute! Hope tomorrow is as productive (and puke and snot free lol)!

Andrea (luvmy2cuties)

Donna said...

WOW!!!!! you are so crafty. They are so cool.
You go the cuties girls. .
How long did it take for your account on mc to be active so you could can log on?
I signed up this afternoon and I still am waiting

Brandi said...

That is so cool the magnets and the hats. Is it really that easy to make the hats with the loom? I would love to learn how to make them. Wish you lived closer, then it would be eaiser to learn form you. I don't know if you have my blog page or not now that the MC is down, but here it is. http://ohana02-brandi.blogspot.com/

sarah said...

don't we all want that DREM CRAFT ROOM!!!!! the magnets are very cute.

michelle said...

I love the hat! It looks so cute on your little girl. You have the cutest girls. I LOVE working on crafts too. I am alwys looking for something fun, and new. Have a HAPPY day!