Easter weekend!!!

so i am coming down from a great wekend high! i just feel so great when i get so much done over th e weekends! i had the back yard cleared out and we started planting this weekend! mike and i planted tomatos, green beans, corn, bell peppers and flowers and the back yard really looks great! i just love getting down to it and hopefully all the veggies will take to the soil and grow!

Easter morning was also quite fun! Macy was so funny. she has been afraid of the easter bunny but still wanted treats from him. nights before easter she would tell me to call the easter bunny on the phone and tell him not to come. easter morning she had a blast finding eggs and eating candy. WAY TOO MUCH CANDY!!! everyone gave her so much. i have had to hide the candy.

it was just a beautiful weekend. we walked to church and had a great sunday there. i made dinner for my in laws and we all just had a great day at home. i love this holiday more then any of the others. way less stressful and i fell like it's fine to just be with my little family at home by ourselves if that's what we want. i enjoyed cooking and spending time with my girls. i just love the hoildays more and more when i see them throught the eyes of my little ones!

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