it's the weekend right!?

some weekends just seem to feel like another weekday for me. you know...day's seem to blend together when you don't do anything exciting! i am fighting a cold and that is never very fun! mike is playing raquet ball so it's just me and the girls like most sat. mornings. Blue is sleeping so peacefully on my bed. i just love watching her sleep. Macy is watching her show and in the other room. i just love these quiet moments!

yesterday i watched home videos and it was so much fun. i forget how totally funny my little one was. all her crazy little sayings and watching her grow. i just loved it! i noticed that Mike and i are never in the videos. he is always filming and i am always avoiding the camra. i guess i'll just have to make sure that i always look presentable when we pull the camra out! i don't want to forget how i looked durring my kids early years! i need to be better at taking more video and picture of the girls. Macy had loads of pictures taken and poor Molly has yet to get her picture taken professionally. i am a horrible mom!

well today is full of a whole lot of nothing! i think i'll just play it by ear and see how i feel. this post seems to be reflecting the possible outcome of my day ...BORING!!!!!! so i'll put us all out of our misery and end it here!

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