sending out some possitive vibes!!!

i just wanted to send out some possitive vibes to all my friends! if we can't uplift others, who can i count on to help lift me up when we may need help down the road!?

christina and jon: best of luck in the road to recovery. many prayers to help with breathing and spirits! you two just amaze me!

jordan: sending you our best in your spinal cord recovery as well!!! i hope you and amanda know that your are in our prayers!

mom: i hope your foot is healing better and you have much success in finding the perfect job!!!

jason: with graduation so close i wish you the best in finding a wonderful job!!! hopefully close to us but i know how that can go!!!

to all my friends wanting to or trying to get pregnant!!!: keep it up!!! Heavenly Father has wonderful things in store for you! you all know who you are!

steph: keep that growing baby heathy and happy!! who says sugar cookies and 4 packs of fruit snacks isn't a good thing for a pregnat gal!! love it!

char: may your health be improving and your spirits lifted while you wait for test results!!

and to all my other friends and family memebers who may be in need of possitive vibes!!! i send my love to all of you!


haleshappenings said...

hey girl! got ya hooked huh!!! i LOVE my blog!! i better have dsl connection at loma linda - im SOOO BEHIND at the MC boards!!

Reena said...

Just wanted you to know that I think you are a wonderful mother! I am amazed at how natural it comes to you. You make me very proud!
And BTW, I agree...there is nothing in the world better, than being a mom.

Love you always,