a day in my shoes

it's funny...everyday when my husband comes home he askes me what i did that day. Sometimes i have loads of exciting things to reveal. other days it's sad to addmite that i just bearly got dressed and brushed my teeth before he strolled through the door! life as a stay at home mom is different for all of us. some arrgue it's a walk in the park! other say it's a life sentance of home bound woes! every day is differnt that's for sure! i make it exactly what i want...at that moment mind you! all my days seem to blend into eachother, nothing exactly keeping them apart. everyday is filled with little girl snuggles, snacks and a trip or two to the "naughty wall." right now as i sit here i have the entertaining echo of Macy calling my name and pounding on her bedroom door. did i mention it's nap time!

let's get the bad out of the way first shall we...on a bad day i've heard my fare share of " NO! mommy!!" i change the baby at least twice because of a gloriouse mind blowing blow out and a constant " leaky faucet" like feature with baby drool. nothing i suggest for lunch is well recieved and nap time results in my example above. and on a really bad day Macy will have discovered a bottle of lotion or taken a color pencil to bed with her and illustrated a wall! getting out of the house with the two seems to be a welcomed treat but i am only too quickly reminded that i parked in a small lake in our parking lot and my shoes are now soaked. then once out it's a pre recoreded " mom i need a treat! mom i want out of the cart! mom i need to go potty...just kidding!" by the time i get home and unload the kids and the stuff and make it back to my enclosed life i vow never to go out again!!!! i then take a look around and see all that needs to get done at home. eekk!! i tackle that and it's almost time for my knight in shinning armore to come home! oh CRAP!!! i forgot to defrost the " what the hecks for dinner" and i only have an hour! then dinner, chit chat, play with the kids, bed time. then it all starts again the next morning.

now for the good... i am awaken by the sweet sounds of baby giggles! as i peer over the crib there is little Blue all smiles as if nothing makes her happier then starting a new day! morning snuggles with my girls gives me the energy to be a better person. we laugh and play and sing and take care of one another. Macy entertaines me with her unpredictable comments... "Mommy, nothing is imppossible! Mommy you have big boobies!" (funny huh!) Mom, i need my privacy!" mind you she's 2! "oopsie poopsi!!!" There is nothing more rewarding then seeing your children learn and grow. i feel validated when i see Macy understand a new concept. big, bigger, biggest is our newest lesson. shapes, colors, numbers (working on 11-20 now!) letters... she soaks it all in! good days are full of successfull lessons, dancing, singing and most of all laughing. on a good day i can go to Wal-Mart without getting to the register and embarrassingly have to unload a cart of unwanted items that Macy pulled from every rack along the way. a good day is a walk to the park and seeing little girl hair full of static because she has been down the slide 38 times! a good day is reading books and watching my baby sleep. 2 hour naps that allow me to jump on line, phonecalls with steph and shireen, IM's from boopers, calls from the office 3 times a day, and an unlimited supply of oranges make for a good day!

i've said it before and i'll say it again! being a mom is the most natural thing i have ever done! i would never trade my life for anything. nothing makes me happier then being able to be home with my girls. thanks to Mike and his wonderful job i get to live out one of my biggest dreams of being a mother at home everyday. even with all that may seem over whelming, i'll gladly take it! i may not get a paycheck or a boss telling me i'm doing a great job. i don't have bonuses or paid holidays or sick days at that. no lunch breaks or business trips. i'm paid in kisses and hugs and learning milestones and giggles. if you ask me...i'd say that's a pretty good trade off! most of the time!! he he!!

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