Summer fun

This summer seems to be flying by!!! it's already the middle of July! where has it all gone? we are fullyenjoy the warm weather and water. we have hit the beach and the pool. Macy is becoming a fish! we had a wonderful trip to Palm Springs with all the Dulgarians. Macy and her cousin Ethan were too cute together. they really are such wonderful friends. it was great to see all the kids and the spouces that have moved away. it has been nearly 8 months since we have been together like that. a huge thanks to Dean and Diane for making it possible to get together like that! we'll have to do it again!

My summer scheduel with the girls is pretty fun. the area offers a few fun activities that we try to hit up all week. we have a fun kids activity at Bella Terra on mondays, free movies on tues.and wed. and the library on fridays. throw in a few trips to the pool and you have three tired girls by the end of the week. it's fun having this summer with my girls. i love the warm weather and the laid back attitude...it's not like i work or anything but the summer just brings on a lazy feel that i love. no cares and no worries!

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