I know...

I suck!! Making up for lost time...

Happy Birthday baby!!!! Mike D. officially joins the 30's entourage! I think it fits him well! Men always age better then women!They get sexier and broken in...women get to wear more make up and have to color our hair more often!Sigh!!! Oh well!

The girls and I have been spoiling him. They showered him with Beef Jerky, Lemon heads and Licorice and made him a Jean Quilt, which her reallllly wanted not sure why! and a VIP Frequent visit card from Sports Clips! I know! Doesn't sound all that fantastical but it made his day! I've been backing a cake and tonight the party continues! G rated people!

I feel good about this birthday! I know it's a lot of pressure for the people around the birthday boy, in this case! It's up to us to make it a day to remember! Fingers crossed I'm doing a good job!

So happy birthday Mike D.! We love you!

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Andrea said...

You're too funny, it's so true though...Men seem to start out goofy so they get better with age...Women tend to hit their "prime" at an earlier age so it seems like it gets harder as they age, and for men it gets easier!