This is what I know...

I know that being the middle child has it's ups and downs.


But mostly it has ups...


I know that Kindergarten brings new perspective to a girl.


Life's pretty wonderful when you get to ride the bus!


I know that sitting up on your own deserves celebrating!




And getting a little taller is pretty cool too!



I know that 3 little girls can sometimes be a handful.


Hands full of little hands have always been worth it.


I know that bald spots are adorable.


And that armfuls of babies are only available for a limited time.



Melanie said...

Beautiful post! Thank you! -Hey, would you be willing to do a photo shoot for my family for a trade of massage?? Let me know!

donna said...

becca those pictures are beautiful!

Andrea said...

Love these pictures! You all look great!

Morph This said...

ugh! char char is still little but her face is filling in. i love her. i can not wait for november!

tara said...

beautiful thoughts, beautiful post:)

Lindsay K. said...

Love the post! Your girls are all so cute.

Nettie! said...

So cute!!!

I can't wait to get a professional camera someday! I recently posted a bunch of my best pictures I took of Audrey thru the years...they are great but I long to have more quality in photos - soon I hope!!!

AnieCooper said...

Beautiful pics Becca. I can't get over how much older Molly is looking these days. The girls are all so beautiful. You and Mike are so very blessed!

miss you! love u!

Mom said...

You have beautiful little girls, enjoy them, love them, hug them and play with them, they grow up so quickly and leave home making it a bit of a lonely place.
Love you, Aunt Bonnie

Bryn said...

So sweet. Love those girls

Steph @ somewhatsimple said...

that was a sweet post! almost made me cry actually...

Ranay said...

Your girls are adorable. The photographer is beautiful too. Great pictures!

The Shosteds said...

Oh, I love what you know!!! I can echo your same thoughts!! I LOVED this post and I love you!

Racheal said...

Fabulously put!!! You have such darling girls! You know....I think maybe we could bring back arranged marriages...and they would be cool ;)

'Cus and Britt said...

I know few things... but I know for sure that you are sooo beautiful and so are your girls! I love your pictures and I love how you narrate them. Great, beautiful family!