Birthday Bash 2009

Today our Cricket turned 6!
I still can't believe it! It's been an adventurous 6 years with this spunky girl! She is everything I could have ever dreamed! Kind, independent, creative, cleaver, super smart, funny and an amazing sister and daughter! We feel so incredibly lucky to have her in our family!

Last weekend we threw a huge Backyard Carnival Birthday Party for both girls! With their birthdays only one month apart and winter just around the corner, we really wanted to celebrate outdoors so an early party it was!

Weeks and weeks of planning and preparing helped make this day special for
our Cricket and Blue!


We hired an amazing face painter and she did not disappoint! I was tempted to cut in line and get myself a little princess mask or butterfly! I loved the spooky faces a few of the kids got! She was incredible! I wish we could think of more occasions to have her come and paint faces! Maybe for Ground Hogs Day!


i worked for days on the decorations! We have a pretty huge backyard and it needed to be filled with colorful decorations!

One super duper long homemade fabric Bunting Banner! I swear this thing took me almost 7 hours to make. It's probably the length of a football field but it was my most favorite feature of the entire party!
(Please!!!Someone borrow it!!)

I also created the Carnival entrance!Super easy... A PVC Pipe
frame and three $1 plastic table cloths!

And lastly I made a few dozen Tissue Pom Poms and Fans to hang in the trees!


The games were a hit! We had a Goldfish game, Ping Pong Toss, Ring Toss,
Bean bag Toss and Can Game!

I picked up some Harry Potter Blood Pops for some of the prizes!
Check out how cool they made the kiddos look...

Way too funny!


I made Cupcakes for the party from Scratch! Yeah! I'm into baking! Click HERE for my killer recipe! My secret for amazing frosting is Jello! I used Strawberry, Lemon and Lime Flavored Jello to get the vibrant color and great taste!


And we could not have pulled it off with out theses amazing helpers!!! Grandma Reena, Uncle Chris and soon to be Aunt Megan were so incredible!!! Thanks a million you guys!

The party went off without a hitch...that is unless you count the fact that my camera batteries went dead and the propane tank was empty 5 minutes into the shin dig! Other
then that it was a hit!!!

Happy Birthday sweet girls!!!! We love you!


tara said...

oh. my. word. that is so AWESOME!! those faces are UNREAL! It is totally out of my league but i'm not surprised in the least to see you pull it off with aplomb:)


Andrea said...

You are the best mom! I can't believe your girls are getting so big! Also, I don't know how I missed the last post on Charlie! She's such a doll! We have a thumbsucker here too you know...Well, he has quit...for the most part!

Annette said...

That is so adorable!!! You are a creative goddess!

Two funny things:

1.) My childhood friend from Rochester that I knew my whole life, Lynette Loveridge has your craft blog on her craft blog "blogroll!!!"

2.) I never realized your oldest child's b-day was the same as mine (just 2 years later!) :)

Happy B-day Macey!!!

Jill said...

Oh I am LOVIN the tissue pom poms. I know it should look and seem self explanatory but please tell me how you did those must haves!!! I must make them!!! My girls would think they were divine!!

Di said...

Awesome Becca! I love all the cute creative games and decorations. We miss you guys tons. I can't believe how fast our girls are growing up. I know they would be such good friends if they got the chance. Love you guys!

Melanie said...

What a fun idea! You're amazing! Happy Birthday to your beautiful girls!! :D

Julie said...

That looks so fun! Your banner is amazing. Happy Birthday girls.

AnieCooper said...

Holy cow! That's about all I can say. ;) you did an amazing job. So wish we could have been there. So what's on the party list for next year ;)

donna said...

WOW! What a great B-day party! YOU ROCK!

Megan said...

that is the coolest party I've ever seen! I especially love the tablecloth entrance!!! The whole thing looks like something out of a magazine! I bet the girls were on cloud nine!

Charlie is so super adorable!!! Can't believe six months have already come and gone like that!

Elisa said...

WOW! That is seriously amazing. You guys are great! :) What a great memory for your girls!

Elise Norwood said...

Best. Party. Ever.

The Stones said...

will you throw me a party please! wow!