Our little Masterpiece

Our little Charlie bug is 4 1/2 months old already! Where did the time go? It's impossible not to be in love with this tiny nugget! She is like no other baby we've had before! She's tiny and petite compared to her older sisters. At this stage both girls had a good 6 lbs. on her! She's long and lean and perfect!!!

She's got the sweetest disposition! Smiley and full of joy! Her giggles are music to our ears! Cricket can get her going the best! She'll squeal so loud it's funny! She loves to be entertained my the girls and they do a great job keeping her happy!

Cricket and Blue love playing "baby" with her. It's a game that involves making a nest around Charlie and practically smothering her with toys! No fear... I supervise! They even love to change her diaper and burp her playing the roll of mother wonderfully! I love what Charlie has brought to our family!

She loves to roll, sleep on her tummy and she has discovered her feet! How cute is that!!!! She also finds her thumb ever so often and as cute as it is I worry!!! I was a thumb sucker for like 10 years... not cool!!!

There is never a morning I don't find her with a grin from ear to ear! She is the happiest in the morning. She also loves her some mama and girlfriend time in the evenings! I take her on my evening walks and she just stares up at us as we gab for an hour. She's too into the girl talk to sleep!

Once again we've been blessed with a amazing sleeper! I'm a blessed mama! But honestly if I wake up before she does I secretly wish she were awake! I miss her too much while she sleeps! I just need to be holding her, smelling her and knawing on her adorable face!

Little bug is a keeper!


AnieCooper said...

Oh she is so precious! She is such a good mix of the two of you. You have definitely been blessed with those 3 little girls. miss and love you guys!

Alisa said...

She is so cute. You seriously need to teach me how to paint. That is one skill I desperately lack.

Anneke and Kris said...

She is too cute!!! And I love the way you took those pics!!! What a doll!

Stephanie said...

if she is this happy now, just wait to see how happy she will be after she meets her favorite aunt steph!!!

tara said...

she is just too cute bec! love the frame too:)

wurstens5 said...

She is to cute. My 4th baby is very tiny as well, compared to my other 3. Funny how that is.