Idaho trip

This last weekend we headed out to Boise for an unexpected Family Funeral. Mike Cousin tragically passed away in a plane crash last Saturday. It came as a shock to all of us and we knew we needed to be there to support his family, wife and 5 kids!

It was a beautiful service. WE reunited with endless family we haven't seen in ages! It was wonderful to be surrounded with family! WE send our warmest wishes of love ans support to all the Walkers!

IT was wonderful to see all the cousins and Aunts and Uncles! Thanks for all the great memories! We also had a wonderful time with Diane and miss her already! Thanks again for everything!

Scott drove all the way out from Colorado!!! Rock Star's defiantly made their appearance!!!
I fell pretty hard for my new friend Patria!!!! I love this girl!!! I could spend all day with her and still want more!!!
Dinner Saturday night before we had to say good by to everyone!
Aunt Bug, Andra and Ash!!!! Love you girls!

Mike surrounded with hot cousins!And Cute Craig and Aubs!!! HOw cute are they!!!


tara said...

mike does have hot cousins:)

i'm glad you guys made it back alright! i've been thinking about you!!!

Craig said...

Oh thanks, you are so sweet!!! It was good to see you too. Call us when your in AZ

Craig said...

This is me aubs, not craig :)

Stephanie said...

I wish I couldve gone! How fun to see everyone... considering the circumstances and all...