Super Saturday!

Will the patio ever get done!!!??? Not when it;s 100 degrees out side and you have Sonic Happy hour and water slides calling your name all day!!!


Stephanie said...

oh waaaa. 100 degrees is nothing.

Roman said...

Hi, my name is Roman Dulgarov I have a weird question to the Dulgarian family. I'm in process of tracking down my ancestry and two possible families that I may be related too are Dulgarian or Dulguerov. I've only recently found out about the Dulguerov family, but from memory I remember my great grandmother mentioning something about our name being changed in 1917 to sound more "Russian" like. And if i remember it correctly she did say that it was Dulgarian. I am Armenian nationality. So my question is if you know anything about your past family history.

Thank you,

Roman Dulgarov