Midway City: Zarmatt Resort

We took a much needed and deserved getaway this last weekend!!! A culmination of a few wonderful events! Mike finishing his first year of his MBA program, our anniversary and an excuse to get together and just have a wonderful vacation with family! Mikes brother Chris and his girlfriend Megan were able to join us!

We stayed at the wonderful Zarmatt Resort in Midway, Ut and I fell in love the moment we got off the freeway!Midway is my new favorite place! So charming and picturesque! I need to go back there, sans the kiddos and Mike, just to go shopping!

The place we stayed at was incredible! It offered so much to do on site that we never got board! I have a new found love for Shuffle Board believe it or not!!! Who knew old people on cruse ships were right on the money all these years!!! Carosel rides, two pools and goasts to feed! A huge Chest board and horse shoes!!! It had it all!

In town we hit up Granny's, where we were told had the BEST Shakes!! I'd argue they were Giant servings of Icecream mixed with your choice of any flavore or topping you could think of! Still a great treat and worth the stop! I saw a converted church with the word "Thrift Store!" on it and I made Mike pull over! The small town and historical feel was almost too much!! I wanted to set up camp and stay forever!

The historic Railroad cars were amazing as well. We drove the streets dreaming of some day owning a little piece of land out there!!!

Our last day we headed out to Jordanelle And rented a Cannoe! The girls played in the water, Chris and Megan got "Lost at Sea" and Mike and I sat on the waters edge admiring our sweet little family!!! How blessed we felt to be together enjoying our weekend and creating amazing memories!!!



Bryn said...

Such beautiful pictures! Yet another place we never ever went while we lived there. You're making me jealous! I love that street post with all the signs! Guess who I ran into yesterday at the pool? Stephanie! You need to come visit her (aka me) soon!

tara said...

isn't it gorgeous up there? my family is from heber. it's so GORGEOUS up there.

LOOOVE the picture of blue on the merrygoround:)

Momma Princess said...

It is a great place. I need to make it to Swiss Days one of these years! I love little towns like that.

Stephanie said...

how stinkin' fun!