Fathers Day


It's easy to see how adored Mike is when he is surrounded by his girls! Daddy's don't come any better then this! When I asked the girls what they love most about their dad this is what they said...

  • I love it when daddy swings me in my blanket to bed!
  • When he "Jives" me and almost makes me pee my pants!
  • When he bought me ice cream at Zions!
  • When he finds me hiding in his bed and tickles me!
  • When he takes me to Classic Skate and we go on the water slides together!
How blessed are we to have such a wonderful Daddy and Husband to love!!!!

***I've been reminded of my own dad lately when I see the girls doing things I did as a child. Recently Blue has been calling Mike at work and asking him to bring her home a treat! My siblings and I used to do the exact same thing and call my dad asking him to stop at the company store and buy us licorice. On those days we anxiously awaited his arrival and there it was. Our requested treat in it's brown paper bag!!! I can still picture it! Love you too dad!!!!

Thanks to all the great men in our lives who deserve so much honoring on Father's Day!

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Annette said...

Aw, that is so sweet!