Our very own"Silly Shorts" vacation!

I always loved looking at the Dulgarians family photo albums! There were so many great photos of their family vacations with young kids! I loved the "silly shorts" shots of the kids standing in front of a monument or sign! Gotta love the 80's!

Well.. we finally have a few silly shorts shots of our own! We took our first ever family vacation just the 5 of us and it was the best! We headed to Zions and Bryce Canyon last weekend and I have to say I had a moment! as we were walking into the park for the first time there we were... Charlie in the sling and the girls one on each side of Mike holding his hands. I said "Mike! Look at our cute family!!!!

We were all in awe of the sights we saw! Each view more breath taking the the last! Zions and Bryce were both incredible and so different! Both parks were perfect!The weather could not have been better!!!!

I lov emy little family on vacation! It was just what we needed!






bryce fam


Andrea said...

You do have such a cute little family!

Stephanie said...

Take charlie out of that sling- i cant see her!!!

I love the one of molly hanging out of the car- so cute!

Megan said...

man, those pictures are gorgeous! What a cute family!!!

Josh and Tiff said...

how fuN!! seriously, that's so great you guys got to do that and have perfect weather nonetheless! i can't wait for road trip 2009! woohoo!!!

Annette said...

That looks so fun!

You have to enter the picure of Blue with her reflection in a photo contest!

wurstens5 said...

So fun, i want to take my family to Bryce. Remember the time we all went to Zions to camp and it rained and rained. That was fun!!