Camera info...

Hi guys! Lot's of you have been asking what camera I shoot with. We've loved our SONY ALPHA 200 we bought a few years ago. Mike did a ton of research and if you know my husband he never buys anything without knowing everything about it! It's been wonderful!

We recently picked up a new lens and that's what we've been shooting with lately! It's a portrait lens and can do some pretty amazing things! So the combo of the camera, portrait lens and a little Photo Shop magic is my winning combination. I'd like to think I have some artistic flare to add to the mix as well but a good camera is largely to blame!

Mike and I both love photography and when you have three great kids to shoot and beautiful surroundings you can't go wrong!

For all of you out there who also have DSLR's what do you shoot with? Any fun lenses you love?
What editing techniques do you love to use? I Love a burnt edge as you can probably tell, mainly for blog posts not for printing. I also love to play with the coloring either softening it or making it more vibrant! Here are some examples... ( Mike shot this photo!)



Pretty fun huh!I'm still learning as much as I can about Photo Shop! Thanks Jill for some pointers! I could spend all day long on there playing with actions and tweaking and adjusting. Feel free to share your photography and editing tips! I love learning new things!


Stephanie said...

photoshop doesnt run on our stupid old computer so I cant even learn about it, though I have wanted to for so long!

i have a few favorite photo editing sites that do some cool things, but havin access to photoshop would be so much better!

and i think that is the same camera we just got- rob lets mike do his research. i like the camera a lot, but it is so big. that is my only complaint! i still use my little pocket one more it seems.

Kirstynn Evans said...

hey there becca! so i am also learning about photo shop! i am really REALLY slow when it comes to learning art on computer programs, so I had to invest in A ton of books. i found that some were still over my head, there is one in particular that i think is great. it is called cs3 in 24 hours. it has 24 1 hour lessons. at the end of each lesson, it gives you an assignment to complete on your won, and it also gives you a quiz after each lesson. VERY user friendly. the other one i love is the CS3 bible, and scott kelby, who is a photoshop genius! just what i use. love your stuff though.

Amber H. said...

I do all my pictures with a Nikon D300, and I mostly shoot with the Nikor 50mm lens. I LOVE it! That picture of Blue is my favorite you have done so far btw...or Mike I guess! I love that 70's action too btw. Awesome!

Megan said...

you need to post some tutorials. We have photo shop, but I can only do a few things on it!